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Paul Theroux

One ticket, one tram, one bus, six stops and about twenty four wines (I lost count…).

So we thought, what better way to end our journey through South Africa than a visit to the wine region and taste a few of their wines? Everyone (pretty much) sang the praises of Franschhoek. A pretty village, lots of estates, good food, what else could you want? We booked into a guest house for a couple of nights and set about deciding which estate we would visit.

Not easy, there are dozens (or so it seemed). Then we became aware of the wine tram.

There are several routes, but the gist of it is that you travel by tram and bus to up to six estates, sample a selection of wines, then they take you back. No hassle getting between estates and no hassle getting home after.

Two tickets please…

Our plan was to take notes, rate the wines, and get some tips for wines to buy once back home.

That lasted until the first tasting, on the tram, at 10:10am.

The only tip we have is if you’re in SA then do take the wine tram. It’s sociable, fun, the wines are gorgeous and the scenery beautiful (we were lucky, we had sunny weather).

I think I tried about 24 wines (Helen dipped out and had coffee at one estate), and all I can recall is that the MCC Sparkling Brut from Backsberg (a Champage style bubbly) stood out, and that I was quite partial to a Syrah I tried at Glen Carlou (wonderful views from there too).

We ended up having dinner with two of the couples we met at Roca, a restaurant above Franschhoek, with lovely views of the sunset. Great food and a fitting end to a thoroughly enjoyable day.

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2 thoughts on “The Wine Tram πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦”

  1. June whittle

    Great reading just seen the last 4 how amazing it must be I am very envious.. Sounds you had great time on the Wine Tram could you walk straight afterwards. Hope you are both well and enjoy with love xx

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