Tourists don't know where they've been, travellers don't know where they're going.

Paul Theroux

Well, we’ve come to the end of our African adventure. And an adventure it has been…

How to sum it up.

Looking back just over two months we landed in Victoria Falls, as African newbies. I think we quickly became enthralled by the different cultures, the way of life and the contrast, not only between our UK way of life and an African one, but in the lives of the different communities within.

We have been fortunate enough to have experienced the magnificence of the Victoria Falls and the wild life (we saw all of the ‘big five’) in all its glory from grand panoramas to up close encounters. We’ve seen the diversity of the culture from the last of the original African people (the San) to the very European feel and culture in southern Africa and along the garden route.

We’ve also eaten a few new things as well. Warthog, impala, kudu, ostrich, springbok. We tried local dishes like bobotie (curry/spiced mince with a baked, egg based topping) and Potjiekos (a South African stew) but I think we were disappointed that there were not more local restaurants and local dishes on offer.

We’ve learned about the travails that the African peoples have been through to gain independence and democracy and some of the struggles that are still going on today. And we’ve seen the dramatic scenery and variety of the Cape and of the South Coast. And of course we have sampled the superb wines of the region.

Above all that we’ve received a warm welcome wherever we’ve been. Friendly faces, warm smiles and a helping hand if needed.

And we met some good friends.


Our last day was spent visiting the wine estates around Franschhoek on the wine tram. Six stops, each at a different estate. Lots of (superb) wine to taste, and new friends to make. We ended up dining in a restaurant with four of the people we’d met that day, and sat watching the last of the day disappear from the hill above the town. After, we stood outside our guest house and looked up at the dark skies above. Shining down was the Milky Way, taking us all the way back to the days on the truck when we first saw it blazing down from above.

What a fitting last day of our African adventure.

Next stop, Mauritius…


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2 thoughts on “Sunset on Africa 🇿🇦”

  1. June whittle

    Lovely pictures you certainly had wonderful time in South Africa. Hope you are both ok and Helen’s back is well on the way to full recovery. Love reading all your adventures. Love xxx

  2. Andy Davies

    Thanks guys.
    Have really enjoyed following your adventures in South Africa and the brilliant photos.
    We were all very concerned when Helen had her accident and thankful she appears to have made a full recovery. Glad the medical care was first class and she had a wonderful ‘man nurse’ in Jon for post operative care. Now for your journey ‘Down Under. We also have a ‘big five’ for you to experience… 1 – A meat pie with sauce. 2 – A Balfours ‘Frog Cake’. 3 – A box of ‘tinnies’ on the beach. 4 – Burnt snags and chips on the bbq. 5 – Sunburn that will make you glow in the dark for weeks. Ha, ha. Seriously, can’t wait to see you both and show you some of this beautiful country including Adelaide, Sydney Harbour, Tropical Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Am sure it will leave your with more wonderful memories. ???

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