“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, 
travellers don’t know where they’re going.”

Paul Theroux

Category: Oceania

Te Ika-a-Māui

According to Māori mythology, the North and South Islands of New Zealand arose through the actions of the demigod Māui. Māui and his brothers were fishing from their canoe (the South Island) when he caught

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The Aussie Road Trip pt. II

Brisbane. The gateway to the Sunshine Coast and northern Queensland. The plan was to rent a car and head north. Originally we had wanted to go up as far as Cairns. Well

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The Aussie Road Trip pt. I

Jon: So. Australia… We all know it’s a big, country, almost 4,000 kilometers from East to West, one state is as big as the whole of Western Europe, millions of hectares of

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