Tourists don't know where they've been, travellers don't know where they're going.

Paul Theroux

Category: India

India’s Sacred City 🇮🇳

The journey from Agra was pretty chaotic. The (overnight) train was late arriving, and there had been military interviews in the city that day so the station was packed with young Indian

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The Taj Mahal 🇮🇳

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the Taj Mahal. Or none that adequately describe its majesty. The day finally arrived for our visit to the Taj. I was excited as this was

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The White City 🇮🇳

Touted as the most romantic place in India, Udaipur sits alongside Lake Pichola nestled in amongst the Aravalli Hills south of Jodhpur. It is not only famous as being the most romantic

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The Blue City 🇮🇳

A train journey south from Jaisalmer of about six hours brings us to Jodhpur known as the Blue City. Approaching the station, through the flat plains of the surrounding land, you can

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The Sacred Cow 🇮🇳

The cow holds a special place within Hindu society. For Hindus, beef is strictly off the menu and devout Hindus don’t use any products made from cow hide or cow leather. But

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Jaisalmer, the Golden City 🇮🇳

We arrived by open-sided jeeps in searing temperatures to see the magnificent honey coloured fort rising out of the semi-landscape. The stuff of which Indiana Jones movies are made! Jaisal, the leader

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Rajasthan, The Land of Kings 🇮🇳

Rich in history, this state boasts beautiful architecture: sumptuous palaces, majestic fortresses and ancient temples. Our guide at the City Palace in Udaipur explained that maharajas were kings who never went into

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Onward to Delhi 🇮🇳

Delhi. Capital of India. I’d not been to Delhi. My expectations were of a hot stuffy atmosphere, polluted and dusty air, noise, people, traffic. I expected narrow streets with stalls selling colourful

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