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Another Patch of Paradise… πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¨


So, we had changed our plans. We’d decided to join an overland trip around Rajasthan on 10th October, after the monsoons had subsided.


Already being in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles were (almost) directly on the way to India so why not stop by for a few days?

We arrived in Mahe in the evening, after dark, and it was raining…

Mahe is a small island, so we were through Victoria (the smallest capital in the world I believe) in no time and on to Bel Ombre, next to Beau Vallon, one of the many fine beaches in the Seychelles.

This was our treat…Β 

Met by Pency, one of our incredibly friendly hosts (along with Jane) we we soon settled into our apartment. Some 10 meters from the beach and sea.Β 

Whilst there are still water sports available, there are many dedicated marine and land based national parks. Even though the islands are small they have hills and mountains with forest and unique and rare species. These parks are designed to protect one of the main things that people come to see, the nature. The other being the beaches. This is obvious as soon as you put on a mask and snorkel and swim out 20 meters from the beach in the warmest seas I’ve ever swum in (apparently it was cold this year!!!).

The fish are literally all around you. School upon school of them. Different species. Big and small, flat and thin. I even swam near a school of squid. Moving from the sand towards the rocks, the fish become more like reef fish. Dazzling colours and again a wide variety of species. There is even live coral still close enough to shore to snorkel to.

Another incredible experience (another first) and one I would go back for in order to repeat.

The Seychelles have a slightly different feel than Mauritius. Less like India, more Caribbean maybe? They also seem to have a more eco friendly outlook.Β 

The best thing here is that you don’t have to stay in a 5 star resort to experience the best of the Seychelles.

Our accommodation was right next to the sea, and whilst not 5 star had every comfort you need. Eating out options, whilst not extensive, do exist and are on a par with eating in tourist areas at home or in Europe. There weren’t the street food options that were available in Mauritius, but there were food sellers behind the beach.

Would I go back? It’s a big yes from me, and according to the locals we didn’t even see the best bits!Β 

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