Tourists don't know where they've been, travellers don't know where they're going.

Paul Theroux

Welcome to #offaroundtheworld

This is our journal of eleven months travelling around the world. 

From London, through Africa, India, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and back home to London via South America. Through it all we saw spectacular wildlife, incredible natural wonders, exotic cultures and fabulous towns and cities.

We hope you enjoy reading the articles and sharing our memories of some of the amazing places we visited. 

Heathrow Airport

25th June, 2018

We arrived to catch a 21:00 flight to Victoria Falls, via Ethiopia. We wouldn’t return to the UK until 1st June the following year. 

This is the story of our journey around the world.

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Life as a Gaucho 🇺🇾

The Estancia Panagea is a working cattle ranch, located deep in the Uruguayan countryside and miles from anywhere. It is a 970 hectare working ranch about 40 km northwest of Tacuarembó with 1,100 cattle, 1,800 sheep and 74 horses.

Our home for three days to experience life as a gaucho…

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Buenos Aires 🇦🇷

Internal flights in Argentina are, for some reason, particularly strict about the weight of your checked in bags. Packing up, and leaving our hotel

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